Student Council

The i-CATS Student Council is the student representative organization consisting of members from various majors and backgrounds – all of whom are dedicated to being the voice of the students while acting as a bridge between the students and the college management. Among the many functions of the Student Council, the most important include enhancing students’ rights, opportunities and general experience for each and every student regardless of where they are from. We seek to provide equal opportunities in event organization, the promotion of positive learning and ensuring a comfortable learning environment for all students. We offer guidance and support in any way we can to all students. Please feel free to approach us for any enquiries.


We, the student Council of i-CATS College will serve as a bridge between the administration, faculty, staff and students. The Student Council will work to strengthen communication, effectively address student concerns, and promote positive student experience at i-CATS College. Additionally, the Student Council will work on to strengthening the relationship between the university and the surrounding community. Also, we will focus on bridging the other i-CATS College campuses in uniting the students.

Cabinet Members
  • President

Name: Christine Annatasha James


  • Deputy President

Name: Calvin Gani Anak Jeffry


  • Secretary

Name : Junita Anak Julius


  • Tresurer

Name  : Norhafiza Binti Mahrop





  • Academic

Name: 1) Douglas Jo Daniel

            2) Nurfara Adiba Binti Udin


  • Welfare

Name: 1) Ryhouston Anak Rijam

            2) Rebecca Khijan Monnie


  • Sports And Recreation

Name: 1) Ewan Utao Anak Calvin

            2)  Karen Yong Chai Nee


  • Cultural

Name: 1) Jonathan Pengiran Robert Padan

            2)  Claramienna Enda Anak Bajing



Contact Us

Student Council Office

2nd  Floor, i-CATS West Campus,

Jalan Stampin Timur,

93350, Kuching, Sarawak.