Student Counseling Unit

Student Counselling Unit focuses on helping students in dealing with the challenges and difficulties in their study journey as well as guiding and empowering them in overcoming challenges.

We aim to cater students’ needs psychologically and in their academic development. We believe every student is a unique individual with unlimited ability to excel and achieve their highest potential for their future. With that, we are here to provide a wide range of counselling services.


Individual Counselling

It entails a one-to-one session with a counsellor at i-CATS. Personal counselling provides a respectful, supportive and confidential environment, where students can openly talk about their concerns and feelings.

Group Counselling

Group counselling session consists of between two to twelve people, and is moderated by a counsellor. Group members get together for a planned session. Joining a group counselling enables them to learn more about themselves through the eyes of others, share experiences, as well as listen and give support to other members.


One of the channel for students to share their concerns with counsellor when they have difficulty to spare time because of a full time-table or are fully-occupied with internship or part-time work.

Students able to access to e-counselling service through to arrange counselling and consultation.

Referrals & Consultations

Students will be referred by faculties and other departments regarding various aspects with the objective to assist them in achieving success in their academic.

Psychological Assesments

Psychological assessments are used to understand your behaviour, personality, and capabilities using combinations of techniques. We in Counselling Unit, are well trained to employ the following assessments during counselling sessions.

Development Programmes

  • Personal Development Programmes (PDP)

PDP programmes are prepared to help students to develop and improve necessary skills that needed in order to become a competent person. This programme will able to unleash their potential towards creating the better future.

  • Targeted Programmes

This programme focuses to cater the needs of the targeted group of people within i-CATS in order to help them to adapt and adjust to the needs of the environment and preparing them towards the successful academic journey in i-CATS.

  • Mental Well-Being Programmes

This programme was developed with the objective to create and increase the awareness among the students about the importance of the mental health and assist them to take the necessary steps to obtain the right resources on time.

Crisis Intervention

We help students cope with crisis and trauma by providing immediate assistance, resource and support, followed by counselling and debriefing sessions.


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