Marcellinus January

Marcellinus January

BTEC Higher National Diploma in Electrical/Electronic Engineering

Many of the photographs and short films by our alumnus Mr. Marcellinus January can best be summed up in a word: awe-inspiring! His photos, for example, capture that special moment in time. As we looked at each photo, our team members were amazed by his ability to capture the essence of each magical moment. Truly, a feast for the senses!

Sharing on his career as a film-maker and photographer, he highlighted, “I am passionate about photography and film-making. My interest in photography started at a very young age. The opportunity to work overseas has also given me a unique world view, an important ingredient for success in my profession. Today, taking that ‘special photo’ for my clients or making a film brings out the best in me. Over the years, I realize that in addition to having a passion for excellence, one must have a harmonious blend of technical and soft skills coupled with a sense of anticipation and a lot of patience!’

He added, “I must thank Sarawak Skills and i-CATS for shaping my skill set and preparing me for my career. The BTEC Higher National Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering programme has prepared me well for the many technological advances in film-making and photography. This has given me a competitive edge as I strive for excellence and to leave lasting footprints in one’s heart through a special photograph or film.”

His message to the younger generation: Prepare for your future! Work hard to achieve your dreams!