Mac Sunting Anak Reong

Mac Sunting Anak Reong

Wireman Grade 2

Recently, we met Mr. Mac Sunting Anak Reong (an alumnus of PPKS) during an event  at  SMK  Tebakang. During the aforementioned event, we had a chat with him about an important milestone in his life – the decision to start his own business.

After serving in the Army (Tank Regiment) and with the Sarawak  Education  Department (as  a Maintenance Staff) for a combined total of fifteen years, he made a life-changing decision in the 1990s to start his own business as an Electrical Contractor. In 1999, he embarked on the Wireman Grade 2 course at PPKS in Kuching. This important first step enabled him to acquire industry-relevant knowledge and skills to run his own business as an Electrical Contractor. He named his business “RonaldRay Electrical Works” after his two sons.

Over the years, he has upgraded his knowledge and skills by earning various electrical-related certifications/qualifications. In addition to running his own business, he informed us that  he  is the Internal Verification Officer at a college for Electrical  (SKM Level 2/Level 3), Wireman Grade 2 and Chargeman Level 2.

Sharing his thoughts on career opportunities for today’s youths, he emphasized, “In today’s very competitive world, our youths should take up skills courses as there are many attractive job opportunities.”