i-CATS Create Pathway for Students to Study in Ireland

Article by Corporate Communication Unit, PPKS

KUCHING, 10 DECEMBER 2019: The International College of Advanced Technology Sarawak (i-CATS) will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Institute of Technology Tralee (IT Tralee), Ireland, in February 2020.

The meeting and discussion between both institutes were represented by Sarawak Skills Executive Director, Mr. Hallman bin Haji Sabri and IT Tralee International Manager, Mr. Eddie Scully at a ceremony held in i-CATS West Campus, Jalan Stampin Timur, Kuching.

The highlight of the discussion is to prepare a pathway for i-CATS students to pursue their higher education at IT Tralee, Ireland.

The institution is one of 14 Government-owned public institutes of technology in Ireland which offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees across a range of academic areas such as Mechanical and Agricultural Engineering, Science, Creative Media, Business, Tourism and others.

Focusing on the real-world skills, practical training, small class groups, and a friendly supportive learning environment, the institute has over 100 partner universities worldwide and has been welcoming international students for almost 30 years.

According to Mr. Hallman, the collaboration between i-CATS and IT Tralee will benefit both parties especially in terms of study abroad opportunities.

Meanwhile, Mr. Scully said, “We allocate special offer on accommodation for i-CATS students who want to further their studies in IT Tralee.”

“Currently we have over 50 international students from Malaysia who are mostly from the peninsular. Therefore, i-CATS is the first college in Sarawak that we approach to have this kind of collaboration,” he added.

Also present were Chief Executive Officer of i-CATS, Mr. Mohd Isham bin Fauzi, Acting Deputy Executive Director Corporate Services, Amy Francis Najur, Visionary Education Consultancy Director, Anna Tan, and Visionary Education Consultancy Education Consultant, Shaun Ho.