Hallman Bin Haji Sabri

Hallman Bin Haji Sabri

Executive Director Sarawak Skills (PPKS)

2019 is a special year for Sarawak Skills and its stakeholders – this year marks our Silver Jubilee.

As we reflect on our voyage of excellence over the past twenty-five years, I am pleased to share that with the support of our stakeholders, comprising the government, various sectors of industry, schools, parents, alumni, students and staff members, we have been able to remain true to our mission, i.e. to produce a qualified and competent workforce through continuous learning and development. This will go a long way to advance the noble cause of Human Capital Development and transform the vibrant canvas of our state and nation. Thank you, All!

As we chart our voyage and look forward to the next twenty-five years and beyond, an important pillar will be for us to intensify our effort(s) to reach out to our alumni around the globe. Currently, we have more than 60,000 alumni, gainfully employed or running their own businesses across the broad spectrum of industry.

For starters, this dedicated web page will enable our existing students, other members of the Sarawak Skills family and the public to ‘Get to Know Sarawak Skills Alumni’ through bite-sized write-ups and other special features. Yes, many of our alumni are role models, even Beacons of Inspiration to our current students! Indeed, they are living proof that a harmonious blend of industry-relevant knowledge and skills coupled with the right attitude and a high degree of emotional intelligence will enable one to fly the flag of excellence in an ever changing and challenging global environment.

This web page will also complement our ongoing effort(s) to reach out to our alumni and open the door(s) of opportunity, especially in the area of joint activities to advance the noble cause of Human Capital Development. It takes all of us, working as one, to bring to fruition a shared future for the benefit of humankind.