Hafiz Ezman Bin Burhanuddin

Hafiz Ezman Bin Burhanuddin

Vocational Diploma in Electrical Power Generation Technology

Our alumnus Mr. Hafiz Ezman Bin Burhanuddin has always embraced a disciplined approach to life; during the recent interview with our team members, we were impressed by his determination to ‘stay ahead of the curve’. He also has a great zest for life!

In mid-2019, on completion of his studies in the Vocational Diploma in Electrical Power Generation Technology programme, Hafiz joined UPS Protection Sdn. Bhd., Miri as an Electrical Testing Technician. The company is a leading electrical service provider in Sarawak. Its core activities include providing engineering services such as maintenance, testing and commissioning of power stations and substations, and oil and gas electrical installations. For Hafiz, learning the ins and outs of the job has been an interesting experience! He highlighted, ‘As part of a team, I am involved in a wide range of activities covering the installation and maintenance of various types of electrical equipment in power stations, substations, factories, plants and mills, shophouses, etc. This is a significant milestone for me, making the all-important move from the classroom to the world of work!’

With regard to his studies at PPKS Private Vocational College in Kuching, he shared, ‘I would like to thank my teachers for their guidance and support – they gave me a head start on my career! During my studies at PPKS Private Vocational College, the conducive teaching and learning environment enabled me to acquire industry-relevant knowledge and skills. Yes, one must have the right skill set!’

His message to current students of Sarawak Skills and i-CATS: During your studies, in addition to acquiring technical skills, polish your soft skills!