Emran Bin Drahman

Emran Bin Drahman

Plantation Practices

Our alumnus Mr. Emran Bin Drahman is a member of a dynamic team at the Malaysian Palm Oil Board where he relishes his role in facilitating the transformation of the palm oil industry in Sarawak and Malaysia as a whole. Indeed, balancing economic development and environmental stewardship is the way forward for this vibrant industry!

During our recent interview with Emran, it came to light that he is passionate about transforming the livelihood of oil palm smallholders through the adoption of sustainable cultivation practices. In this respect, over the years, he has conducted (and organized) many talks and workshops for  smallholders. He highlighted, ‘ The palm oil industry is a pillar of the Malaysian economy. I am honoured to have the opportunity to work closely with the oil palm smallholders in Sarawak’s northern region. An important area is providing the relevant support to the smallholders as they prepare for MSPO (Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil) certification. This will go a long way to support greater inclusion of smallholders into the sustainable palm oil supply chain.’

Reflecting on his student days at the Sarawak Agriculture Vocational Training Institute (SAVTI), he shared, ‘I wish to thank the SAVTI team, comprising the management, teaching and support staff for their encouragement and guidance. The industry-relevant education at SAVTI prepares one for the world of work!

His message to current students of Sarawak Skills-SAVTI and i-CATS: Strive to achieve a positive mindset! This is important as you progress along life’s journey!