Certificate in Electrical and Electronic Engineering


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Electrical and electronic engineering plays an important role in recent revolution of science and technology. It is rapidly developing and therefore causing the increased needs of skilled manpower in the field. The Certificate in Electrical/Electronic Engineering offered in ICATS covers a wide variety of fundamental in electrical and electronic engineering.

The objective of the programme is to produce graduates with the following abilities:-

- To provide opportunity to SPM school leavers who are unable to pursue to diploma level to study certificates as the entry requirement for diploma level
- To provide opportunities to students for employment upon completion of the course
- To provide pathway for students with outstanding practical skills to the pursue their education to a higher level

Course Fees

Total Fees for the course is RM4,290.00

*Note : The information stated above is correct as 1st March 2016 and is subject to change without prior notice

Learning Outcomes

Programme learning outcomes according to the level of study based on the following eight MQF learning outcomes domains as follows:

i. Apply knowledge and skills to understanding of mathematics, science and electrical and electronic engineering principles. (LO1) – [Cognitive Domain]
ii. Ability to conduct experiments as well as to analyze and interpret data. (LO2) – [Psychomotor Domain]
iii. Apply technical skill and collect data to assist in engineering related issues to meet the needs of the industries based on social, economic manufacturability and sustainability issue(LO3) - [Cognitive & Psychomotor Domain]
iv. Be a responsible individual by understanding the professional ethical and social responsibility of a technician / engineering assistant on accountabilities and integrity. (LO4) - [Affective Domain]
v. Conquer teamwork and interpersonal skills that are relevant to working environment in order to achieve the same objectives. (LO5) - [Affective Domain]
vi. Possess both effective communication and writing skills to disseminate information, generate ideas and use problem solving techniques to convince the expert and non-expert. (LO6) - [Cognitive, Psychomotor & Affective Domain]
vii. Recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in lifelong learning to adapt to new ideas, process and procedure for career development. (LO7) - [Affective Domain]
viii. Have self-confident and entrepreneur skills to set up own business or discover business opportunities. (LO8) - [Psychomotor & Affective Domain]

Career Opportunities

Ideally, i-CATS graduates are encourage to futher their studies to Higher National Diploma and subsequently degree level. The electrical / electronic indstry is one of the largest industries in the world which offers widw variety of employment opportunities. Apart from the mainstream commercial activities of circuit and systems design of semi conductors and communication, graduates can also take up career in financial industries, broadcasting, in the civil service and even in the police and military service.

Entry Requirements

i. Passed SPM/SPMV with at least 1 credit in any subject and a pass in Mathematics;
ii. Passed Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) with at least Grade B in 1 subject and a pass in Mathematics;
iii. Any other equivalent qualifications recognized by Malaysian Government.


Full time : 1 year 6 months

Programme Structure

Year 1, Semester 1
CGN 1033 - Basic English
CMS 1013 - Engineering Science
CMS 1023 - Engineering Mathematics 1
CEE 1033 - Electrical Principles
MPU 1103 - Pengajian Malaysia 1
CEE 1052 - Laboratory Practices I

Year 1, Semester 2
CEE 1043 - Introduction to Electronics
MPU 1123* - Bahasa Kebangsaan
MPU 1133* - Kemahiran Berfikir
CGN 2053 - Intermediate English
CMS 2023 - Engineering Mathematics 2
CEE 2052 - Laboratory Practices II
CGN 1003 - Basic Technopreneurship
CEE 2043 - Digital Fundamental

Year 2, Semester 1
CGN 3053 - Advanced English
CEE 3023 - Electrical Power
CIT 2033 - Fundamental of C Programming
MPU 1143 - Etika dan Moral
CEE 3052 - Laboratory Practices III
CMS 3082 - Engineering Systems
CEE 2033 - Instrumentation & Control

Year 2, Semester 2
CEE 4014 - Industrial Training