Aryadi Sim

Aryadi Sim

Diploma in Environmental Tourism Management

Aryadi Sim is living proof that the combination of industry-relevant knowledge, skills, and a healthy dose of perseverance will enable one to thrive, not just survive in an ever-competitive world.

Upon completing his studies at i-CATS, Aryadi worked for 2 years as a Tour Guide/In-house Naturalist in Sabah. As he gained invaluable work experience, he realized that the hospitality industry presented many opportunities for him to own his own business! Yes, it had been a dream for him to have his own café. That’s when he made the switch, from a Tour Guide to a Barista! It was time to learn new skills!

His dream finally came true on 3 November 2018 when he and his partners opened Moongrind Kingdom, a café in Miri. The aroma of freshly-brewed coffee – magical!

When met recently, Aryadi shared, “Since my student days at i-CATS, I have held firm to the belief that one must chart his or her future. I am grateful that my lecturers and members of the i-CATS management team were always there for me. With their support, I developed my personal motto, “Never Give Up!”.

Aryadi added, “During my studies at i-CATS, the following subjects enabled me to hone essential entrepreneurial skills: Business Management, Communication and Customer Service.”